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2019 All AMerican Bowl logo              

US Bank 360 Sports All American Bowl Game Deposit $79 Due on Registration! This fee also locks in your roster spot. 
Then pay the balance before the deadline.  Pay with Cash App or Paypal see QR Code below!

NOTE:  After Player has Completed the Registration  (come back to this page)

Note; Players can raise as much money as they want for the player fee, or raise more for travel and personal expenses.
Three options for players:  

You can find a sponsorship to cover your fee which includes an advertisement in the game program. 

Sponsors can come from your Boosters or Businesses' or Friends or Family. 

Just like in high school and college, get help from those who support you! 
Also, Any money you raise over the needed sponsor fee, "goes to you", to cover travel, personal expenses or pay you to play.

Players must be at All Meetings at Hotel and All Practices.

Option One: The Players FULL sponsorship total is $499 ($1027.00) SAVE $528.00, includes:
Hotel: (3 days-2 nights stay) 
Game Jersey
Pro Scouting Event (Combine) Coach Rickey Foggie and Staff from Arena 1 AFL, Minnesota Myth will be on hand.
2 Meals and Banquet (All American Bowl Awards) Speaker Rickey Foggie
Program (includes game program Ad)
Game Video
Game Photos
All American Bowl Ring!!!!!!

Option Two: Discount Price $289 
includes Game, Jersey and Combine, after December 25th. $350.00

Option Three:  Discount Price  $139   
includes Game and Jersey after December 25th. $225.00

Players (A la carte)  All Players must be at All Meetings at Hotel and All Practices.

Registration $79 (Mandatory payment) pay same day as register hold roster spot.

$75    Game Jersey (Mandatory Purchase)
$150  Game  (Mandatory Purchase)
$40    2 Tickets ($20 per ticket) All ticket(s) must be pre-ordered.
$248  Hotel: (2 nights stay minimum) 2/3 players per room in suites.
$125  Pro Scouting (Combine) Coach Rickey Foggie and Staff from the Minnesota Myth, will be on hand.
$50    Banquet includes 2 tickets one for player and 1 for guest  (All American Bowl Awards)
$169  All American Bowl Ring
$20    2 Meals
$150  Game program Advertisement  

US Bank Stadium Game Date Saturday January 6th , 2024 at 1pm 

Yes   Homewood Suites the official hotel of the All American Bowl. Call 575-322-2695 for reservations  Homewood Suites (right next to the MOA) 2261 Killebrew Dr, Bloomington, MN 55425 Family and Friends huge Discount link Code AAB 
Friends and Family Discount Call 952-451-2104 All Suite Hotel BIG Rooms for 3 to 4 people with kitchenet.

The hotel is right on the Light Rail Line which goes to US Bank Stadium, Mall of America and the Airport for as low as $2.50.

 homewood suites white

Ways to Pay fees:
Cash App, By Mail Print Sponsor Form below, make check payable to Classic All American, Credit Card Payment, to pay call 575-322-2695

You can also use Cash app for any sponsor fee payment amount: Here is the QR Code

aab APP
Reminder Subtact the Deposit from the Option. 

4. Player and Guest Sponsor Fee   This Fee is if you a family member in your room, instead of another player.

US Bank All American Bowl Total Full Fee with a Guest Fee $750.00 (covers 1 Player and a guest in the room) 
Includes the Player fee of $499.  Guest stays with play and receives Banquet Ticket and Ticket to the game.

 Need Help Call 575-322-2695

Click Below for Sponsor Form

Pay with Credit Card or Paypal account or Venmo

qrcode2023    venmo terry

OR CALL TO Pay  With credit card   952-451-2104

Player Sponsor Form

Player Registration Link Click Here