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All American Bowl XXV US Bank Stadium December 21, 2019

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Gateway All American Bowl Presented by ESSO/Global
at US Bank Stadium  
December 21st 2019

This the 25th Annivasery of the All American Bowl and will be sponsored in part by Gateway/ESSO/Global and played  at the outstanding work of art, US Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings and SUPER BOWL LII.   

College and Free Agent players from all over the United States and Canada will play in Gateway All American Bowl XXV Esso/Global All Star Football Game,  December 21st, 2019 at 12:05pm.  

One Hundred of the North America's top college and free agents football players have been selected to showcase their skills.  

Regester Here

2011 All American Bowl Roster

2011 All American Bowl Roster  DII/DIII All American Bowl-HHH Metrodome


Aaron Courtney  RB  5' 8"  200 Fort Valley State University 
Aaron Kleinpetter DE  6'2 245 Western New Mexico U
Adam Hoste  LB  5'10  220 Monmouth College 
Adam Neugebauer QB  6'2 210 West Virginia Wesleyan
Akeem Nofiu  DE  6,2  270 West Virginia State
Alex Bade  RB  5'8"  180 Granite City Renegades 
Alex Lawton  OL  6'1  290 Concordia University Wisconsin 
Alexander Mayo  OL  6'2  280 Averett 
Alic Vanover  RB  5'11"  220 Noble county wolfpack 
Allen Pendleton  DB  5'9  175 Minnesota Spartans 
Alvin Johnson  OL  6'5  350 Minnesota spartans 
Andre Thomas  DE  6'3  255 Grand Valley State University 
Andre Turner  LB  6'1  255 Southern Lakes Blue Devils 
Andrew Taylor  DB  6'0''  179 Benedictine University 
Anthony Brown  WR  6"2  207 Truman State University 
Anthony Rouba  DT  6'3.5  280 Saint Joseph College, In. 
Antonio Leak  DE  6'3  250 Henderson state 
Antwon Jones WR  6"2  190 Burlington BlueDevils 
Austin  Turner K 6'3 225 Fayetteville State University
Bobby Johnson  DT  6'10 280 Henry county Horsemen 
Brad Fortney  LB  5'11  232 Carthage College 
Brad Simpson  TE  6'  215 Brained lumberjacks 
Brandon Mueller RB  5'9"  195 minnesota sting 
Brett Shippey  DT  6'0  270 Juniata College 
Caleb Christian  FS  6'0 202 Hardin Simmons University 
Cameron Bryant  LB  5'11 220 Lake Erie College 
Cardoza Jacks Call RB  5"9  215 Cheyney University 
Carl Meeks Jr.  DB  5'9  180 Cheyney University 
Carlos DeLaRosa  WR  5'11 175 Fitchburg State University 
carlos rattler  DT  6 285 blue devils 
Casey Provo SS  5'11"  175 Minnesota Spartans 
Cedrick Clayton  WR  5'11"  190 Widener University Pride 
Charles Stubfors  OL  6'0"  275 Minnesota Sting 
Chris Cook  FS  6'  196 Adrian College 
Chris Layher  OL  6' 1"  230 Sioux Falls Stallions 
Chris Nelessen  DE  6' 5"  275 Southern Lake Blue Devils 
Chris Tosello  DT  6'1  255 Menlo College 
Christian Lumbu  DE  6'  265 Brevard College 
Christopher Santiago  SS  6'2  185 Southern lakes Blue Devils 
Christopher Scharpf  LB  5.11 195 Dubuque Bruisers 
Clayton Hazeltine  LB  6'1 240 Wingate University 
clinton barley  DT  6'3"  305 western illinois 
Cody Pearcy  WR  5'11''  175 Huntingdon College 
Connor Wright  DE  6'  240 colorado mesa university mavericks 
Cordelle Nugent  LB  6'0  215 New Mexico Highlands University 
Corey Hildreth  SS  5'9 180 Baldwin Wallace College 
Cory Clark  LB  5'9 200 Minnesota Sting 
cory whitfield  LB  6'3  208 texas a and m commerce 
Dan Powell  SS  5'10  200 Minnesota Sting 
D'Angelo Allison  RB  5'8  205 Quad City Stallions 
Daniel Saenz  TE  6' 3"  225 Southern Lake Blue Devils 
Darnell Burton  WR  6'2 200 Cheyney University 
Darnell Christian  DB  5"11  188 Chambersburg Cardinals 
Darren Edwards  RB  5'7"  197 minnesota sting 
David Padilla  FB 6'2"  260 New Mexico Highlands University 
DeMareo Darrah  QB  6'  215 Des Moines Blaze 
Demetrius Hawkins  RB  5"10  205 Minnesota Spartans 
Demontrez Simington  TE  6'3  230 greenville college 
Derek Brown  WR  6'1"  202 Kentucky Wesleyan College 
Derek Eversley  WR  5'10''  190 Dakota Warriors 
Derrick Grant  RB  5'7  180 Hardin-Simmons University 
DeShaun Elliott  DB  6'1  195 Delaware Valley Eagles 
devaughn Snowden  FS  6'1  186 upstate ravens 
Devon Zimmerman  FS  5'10  185 West Texas Drillers 
DJ Strong  DB  5 10  180 Delaware Buccaneers 
Doug Dudek  SS  5'10 190 William Paterson Univeristy 
drake woodard  DB  5'11  170 Hobart College 
Emmanuel Livingston  DE  6'3  255 Texas southern university 
Eric Crocker DB  6'2 190 University Of Arkanasas Monticello
Eric Sopher  OL  6'8"  310 Indiana Mustangs 
Erick Michael Johnson  DE  6ft  270 Ridgewater college, Brainerd Lumberjacks 
erick smith  LB  5'10  215 cheyney university of pa 
Evan Page  DT  6' 5"  285 McHenry County Pirates 
Frankie Flaherty  WR  6'1  175 Minnesota Sting 
Franklin Lyburn III  DE  6'3"  250 cheyney university 
George shamblen 6'0 205 Angelo state

Gyangelo Bradden 

Harvey Robinson







St Cloud State University 

Eastern New Mexico

Herb Bolden  DB  5'10  175 Bridge City Knights 
House Mobley  DE  6'2"  225 Minnesota Spartans 
Isiah Cross  WR  6'4  225 Adrian College 
J.B Clark  QB  6'3  225 Truman State University 
Jack Petion  LB  6'1"  232 Southern Connecticut State University 

Jacob Farley 

Jacob Cross







North Greenville University 

Western New Mexico

Jacob Husnik  OL  6'4"  285 St. Paul Pioneers 
James Hill DB  5'10 185 William Paterson University
Jason Marquis  DT  5'10"  255 Juniata College 
Jason Slowey  OL  6'4"  315 Western Oregon University 
Jeff McGaster  DT  6'4"  295 Minnesota Spartans 
jeremiah walker  LB  5'9  225 minnesota spartans 
Jim Hamill  LB  6 215 William Paterson University 
Joe Burnett  WR  6'1  185 UNC Pembroke 
Joe Noble  OL  6'4''  260 College of Mount Saint Joseph 
John Nicholas  OL  6'4  285 University Of Wisconsin - Oshkosh 
Jonathan Pinque  RB  5'9  198 Centre College 
Jordan Bouw  DE  6'4  255 Sioux Falls Stallions 
Jourdan Coley  RB  5' 8"  183 Peoria Steel 
Justin Budiac  WR  5' 8"  185 UW-Oshkosh 
Justin Crosier  DT  6'  250 Bluffton university 
Justin Rogers  DB  6'2''  185 concoedia university of wisconsin 
keith anthony  FS  5'9  195 huntingdon college 
Kendall Hartfiel  DT  5'9"  210 Granite City Renegades 
Kenneth Clady-Mason  DE  6'3"  245 Lake Forest College 
Kenny Stoklosa  LB  6'1  250 Kentucky Wesleyan College 
Kevin Davis  WR  5'11''  185 Lake Forest College 
Khalid Harris  DB  5'10 192 Kentucky Weslyan College 
Kiwon Bates  DB  5'10 170 St. Cloud Stats/Renegades Semi-Pro 
Kyle Swartz  6'  215 Omaha Outlaws 
Lamar Toney  WR  6'4  215 Southen Michigan Timberwolves 
Lawrence Washington  DT  6'3  338 Columbia Falcons 
Leopold Ashley 111  LB  5'10  220 Granite City Renegades
Lionel Lamarre  DB  5'10  184 Minnesota Spartans 
Logan Mitseff  6'5  255 Adrian College 
Luke Butts  SS  5'7"  165 Lake Forest College Foresters 
Madison Leary  6'4'  210 Suny Maritime College 
Mahmoud Abumayyaleh  LB  5 8  210 MN Spartans 
Marcus Taylor  LB  6'0 250 minnesota spartans 
Mark Gronzalski  6ft  225 William Penn University/ Bridge City Knights 
Marlon lobban  LB  6'2  245 sioux falls stallions 
Marquis Bradley  RB  5'11  220 Grinnell College 
Matthew McWilliams  DB  5 11  185 Benedictine University 
Matthew Sickler  QB  6'0"  225 Granite City Renegades 
Max Stoll  OL  6'1  320 Minnesota Spartans 
Melvin Davis  OL  5'11"  295 Clark Atlanta University 
Michael Blodgett  WR  6'1  190 Monmouth College 
Michael Gist  FS  6*1  220 Brevard College 
Michael Heetland  LB  6'1  245 West Texas Drillers
Michael Mosley Jr  DE  6'2"  245 Angelo State University 
Mike Rubalcaba  FS  6'0  200 Nichols College 
Mike Salerno  FS  6'2  210 Italian National Team, Vienna Vikings
Narvie Cooper  SS  5'11  210 Quad City Raiders 
Nathan Batchelor  LB  5'11"  235 North Greenville University 
Niko Wright  SS  5'9''  198 Bacone College 
Phillip Northrop  TE  6'2"  250 Southern Lake Blue Devils 

Prince Simunyu

Quadarius Wallace







Brevard College

Kentucky Weslyan

Randal Smedley  RB  5' 9"  205 Salisbury University 
Randy Louis  DB  5'9  180 Indiana University of PA/Youngstown State 
Rashad Daniels  WR  6'0  180 Murray State University 
ReCarlo Tucker  RB  6'0"  268 Arkansas Pirates 
Ricky Moore  LB  5'11  215 clark atlanta univ. 
Robert Smith  OL  6'4 365 Bemidji State University 
Rod Gray  RB  5'10 200 Northwestern Oklahoma State University 
Sean Trotter  WR  6 160 Capital City Crush 
Shane Reschke  DB  6' 0"  185 Monmouth College Fighting Scots 
Spencer Whittington  OL  6'3 285 Adrian College 
Stan Banks  DB  5'8"  170 Cheyney 
Stephen Voelkner  OL  5'11  265 College of Saint Scholastica 
Steve Hoverson  LB  6' 1"  220 Fairleigh Dickinson University (Devils) 
Steve Small  DB  6'  195 Bethel University Tennessee 
Steven Smith  5'8  170 Southern Michigan Timberwolves 
Steven Tunner  DT  6"2  274 Jackson tennessee War Eagles 
Taylor Greene DB  5'9 185 New Mexico Highlands
Terence Manning  DB  5'7''  210 Des Moines Blaze 
Tim Herkenoff  DE  6'2  250 Granite City Renegades 
Tim Hume  DE  6' 2"  260 Cheyney University 
titus cole  DE  6'4  265 St. cloud state/Brainerd Lumberjacks 
Tom Lathrop  5'9"  185 Bridge City Knights 
Tony Faller  SS  6'3 200 Lakeland College 
Tony Johnson  DE  6'3  240 Merrimack College
Tony Udley  FS  6'1'  225 New Mexico Highlands University 
Torin Turner  RB  6'0"  175 Mesabi Range 
Trevor gross  WR  5'10  185 Brainerd lumberjacks. 
Tyler Muniz  DT  6'  275 Culver-Stockton College 
Tyler Osterman  QB  6' 1"  195 Centre College 
Tyler Peckham  DT  6'4  350 Midwest Force 
Vince Salucci  DB  6 2  190 Beloit College 
Vincent Sciano  DE  6'5  250 UW-Oshkosh 
Willie McDowell  WR  6'2  210 Huntingdon College 
Willy Korn  QB  6'2  210 North Greenville University 
Woodrow Butler  TE  6'8"  240 McDaniel College 
Xavier Ratcliffe  DB  5'10 160 Minnesota Spartans 
Zachary L ClarK  OL  6 2  335 Southern lake blue devils 

2018 Gateway All American Bowl Dec 22nd

all american can am logo


Gateway All American Bowl Presented by ESSO/Global
at US Bank Stadium  
December 22nd 2018

Final Score 53 Stars  12 Stripes. 

2018 Roster and Nominees  Roster, Nominations and Selections, Click Here. Players and Coaches Register Here  

Here just a few scheduled to compete: Canaan Gebele QB Dennison University(7) Gagliardi Trophy Semifinalist, Gebele has over  7000 yard passing with 57 passing touchdowns and over 2000 yards rushing over 4 years!   Pat Harbin  Jr  LB (50);  Derri:ck Tate, DE (11) Bowie State,1st Team All-CIAA , HBCU 1st All American; Jake Karlicek OL (60) Beloit College 3x All-Conference;  Steven Bowers Pure State DL (1);  Rob Wolfington Baldwin Wallace University WR (84);  Benji Galbraith Delta State University TE (81); Jamal Jackson DB U of West Florida (24) 
Jaime Glenn JR OL (56), Jake Hudson QB Baldwin Wallace (10) school single season passing-record with a career-best 2,640 yards , Anthony Louthan Pacific Lutheran (82), Cody Leonard LB (22) Quincy U, Lorenzo Hood DL (99) Cental Florida -Winnipeg Blue Bombers, More to Come.   

bowers   wolf   Derrick Tate

benji gelbrath  jamal Jackson  jaime glenjake hudson 10  louthan plu   childsGebele canaan cody leonard quincy lorenzo hood

2018 Roster and Nominees   Roster, N
ominations and Selections, Click Here.

Event Highlights

*  Viking Skolt (that's Skolt in the Skol Vikings Promo Photo Above) and Lady Kira will be on hand Defending the North at the Banquet and cheering on the players at the game! 

* Player Sign In at Crown Plaza Aire Hotel, Saturday, December 20th starting at 3pm.  Make Reservations Click Here

*  All Star Banquet December 17th at Crown Plaza Aire with guest Speaker former Minnesota Viking JT Turner. Plus the presentation of the All American Bowl Awards. Click Read More for Family and Friends reservations information.

*  Team Meetings, Practice and Combine at Augsburg Indoor Dome. December 20th, 21st. (see itinerary for details)

* Game Day Player Photos, Players Announcements, Kick-off at US Bank Stadium (Home of 2018 Super Bowl and the Minnesota Vikings), Tickets at the Eco Lab Entrance on the north side walking distance to the Light Rail Line. Family and Friends can Ride Lightrail in front of the Crown Plaza Aire Hotel to the Mall of America and/or US Bank Stadium.

Click Read More for FAQ, Itinerary, player photos and Complete event information

Saturday December 22, 2018, 12:05 PM
Gateway/ESSO/Global All American College All Star Game - Stars vs Stripes

US Bank Stadium, Home of the Minnesota Vikings, and SUPER BOWL LII  Minneapolis, MN 


Provide quality football and educational opportunities for the players.

2018  College Seniors and Free Agents  Register Here 


The players have been recommended by their coaches and selected by the All American Bowl Selection Committee and the Football Scouting Bureau. These select players are being recognized for their outstanding Division I/II/III and Free Agent careers.

3 Days 2 Nights,  December  20, 21, 22 2018

Yes, (see below)

General Admission: $20.00 Game  
Game tickets can be purchased at Eco Lab Entrance  on Game day! $20 Adults, Students $15, 12 to 6 $5, 5 and under Free.
on the north side walking distance to the Light Rail Line. Family and Friends can Ride Lightrail in front of the Crown Plaza Aire Hotel to the Mall of America and/or US Bank Stadium for the Game.

Friday  21th at 7:00PM
Friends and Family Banquet Tickets Call 575-322-2695 

2018 Practice Itinerary

Thursday - December 20th 2018
3:00pm -6:00pm
Crown Plaza Hotel Check-in, Sign-in and Jersey Pick-up for all Players and Coaches

7:00pm Team Meetings

Friday -  December 21 2018
9:00am  Combine and Practice:  Game Jersey, Helmet and Shoulder pads for practice.
12:00pm Lunch
12:30pm Practice

7:00pm Team Dinner at Crown Plaza Air Hotel Meet and Greet

Saturday Game Day Game - US Bank Stadium  December 22nd 2018  12:05PM
Game: Gateway All American College All Star Game Presented by Esso/Global
9am Team Meetings 
8am Breakfast
11:00 AM Walk-Thru at Stadium
Team and Individual Pictures, Announcement of Player, National Anthem
12:05 PM College All American Bowl Kick-Off 
Halftime and Post Game Entertainment?  
Kicking and Punting Competition, Post Game Awards
*Schedule Subject to Change without Notice!
Player can take the Light Rail from the Stadium to MSP Airport after the game. 

mallDOES THE MEDIA NEED CREDENTIALS?: Yes, Please Contact us at 575-322-2695 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 If Broadcast is available, there will be a link on this website if not Highlights of the game will be posted and Video after the game. The media is invited to attend all practice sessions and social events. Media credentials can be obtained by contacting the All American Bowl at 575-322-2695 and leaving a message with your name, affiliation and phone number.         Mall of America Website


NFL, Canadian, European, UFL, Arena, NRFL, Scouting Bureaus, Minor League, and Professional Scouts are invited. However we cannot guarantee scout attendance. See Notable Alumni

WILL THERE BE AWARDS GIVEN?                                                                                       
Post Game: MVP for both teams
Offense and Defense Lineman Awards - In honor of Mick Tingelhoff and Jim Marshall (Former Minnesota Vikings), 
Plus: Offense and Defense Awards and MVP Awards
All American Bowl Awards (Presented at the Banquet)

Yes  Crown Plaza Air Bloomington  is one of the area’s finest hotels, and will be the official hotel of the All American Bowl. Call 575-322-2695 for reservations   Family and Friends Discount link $83.00 per night  Code AAB  (look at Group Code are to see AAB when you are putting in you stay dates.  

Discount Hotel Rate. Click Here   

The hotel is right on the Light Rail Line which goes to US Bank Stadium, Mall of America and the Airport for as low as $1.75.

Players are housed 2 per room

Yes, to do this a Friend or Family Member must contact the Crown Plaza Air and make reservations for a separate room (you are able to use the Family & Friends discount). Crown Plaza Air Bloomington  is one of the area’s finest hotels, and will be the official hotel of the All American Bowl. Call 575-322-2695 for reservations   Family and Friends Discount link $89.00 per night  Code AMB  (look at Group Code are to see AMB when you are putting in you stay dates.  Discount Hotel Rate. Click Here

No, they obtain sponsors to cover the cost. There is a cost to run the event so we will provide players with the materials needed to secure a sponsorship. The event sponsorship fee is $499 plus your transportation cost to and from your home to the event.  No Sponsorship fee refunds will be made if canceled within 30 days of the event.  Due to limited of positions we ask that you provide a commitment deposit fee of $200 in order to hold your roster spot this is refundable with your completed sponsor fee of $499 or you can just do the balance of which is $299. There are hundreds of players that want to participate in this event. Commitment Deposit Fee Due now.  Deadline December 7th, 2018

Full Fee Due Nov 29th   Sponsor Forms  click here    Sponsor Fee Click Here

The Players full sponsorship will cover: Send a Sponsor a Form Here (pdf)
Hotel: (3 days-2 nights stay)
Game Jersey
Pro Scouting Event (Combine)
2 Meals and Banquet (Meet and Greet)
Game Video
Game Photos

NO, but a player can get more than the required amount in additional sponsorship to cover travel. Call 575-322-2695 for more information on how to cover your airfare!

Note: All Players are responsible for travel to Minneapolis for the All American Bowl, including all practices and to the game. Parent, friends, fans and coaches are welcome at all practices, combine and it is OK and encouraged for players to ride along. Note: If you have special needs please contact us 575-322-2695 ear


 2018 360 Sports ALL AMERICAN BOWL presented by Gateway/ESSO/Global  Register Here    

global  esso1

We Support our Troops!

 all troops

National Anthem to be sung by 

Brittani Senser

Brittani Senser All American Bowl




Chad Baldwin

A few of the outstanding coaches include: Tom Hawkins IAFL; Chad Baldwin former Arena Coach and Player Personnel Director Green Bay Blizzard; Rickie Foggie CFL/AFL Player, AFL Coach; Tony Mangini Canadian ProLook Football;  Chris Husby Special Teams Acadamy, JT Turner former MN Viking; Scott Hamilton IFL, Shawn Anderson, Todd Western, Trevor Rolfes, John Daiker, Ken McCuen, Rico Cherico....

Viking Skolt will be with us Defending the North!

All American Bowl Celabrating our 24 year in Minnesota, at the Home of the Minnesota Vikings the Metrodome and now US Bank Stadium.

Below is information on last years game.


             2018 Aztec Bowl Logo XLV

Aztec Bowl XLIV  USA College Football Players vs Mexican College Football Players at  Olympic Stadium Mexico City, Mexico  December 8th, 2018

 2018 Nominees so far! Nominations and Selections are still open for all Games!


Vote for All American Bowl for Sports Travel Award

Vote for the 2017 All American Bowl Now to win in Sports Travel Awards !
The All American Bowl was played January 6th 2017 at the state of the art US Bank Stadium. Where 80 the nation top small college football players played in front a large, enthusiastic and appreciative crowd.
US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis proved to the players, coaches and fans how a great venue can heighten the over all experience of watching a great football game! Please vote now! Go is 10,000 votes in 10 Days  
Vote Link http://sportstravelawards17.questionpro.com/ Then click continue at the bottom of the page to find the category shown below and vote for the 2017 All American Bowl Collegiate — Best Single-Sport Event  2017 All American Bowl College All Star Football Game, Minneapolis, MN The SportsTravel Awards will be presented at the TEAMS '17 Conference & Expo, October 30-November 2, in Orlando.

All American Bowl at US Bank Record Breaking

Breaking News:  

All American Bowl XXII  Set for December 18th 2017 12PM at US Bank Stadium in MinneapolisUS Bank Stadium West Facade


Game MVP Kicker Alexi Johnson St. Johns More Photos and Video to Come!  Video just about finished Stay Tuned!

alexi Johnson St ohns

All American Bowl Game Link Click Read More

Read more ...

Staff Bios


Terry Sullivan

Terry Sullivan is an entrepreneur, promoter and founder of many enterprises and the owner of 360 Sports and Events. He is the founder of the All American Bowl, All American Eagles, USA Bowl, WPFL and Preferred Image Sportswear. His contributions to football at many levels are professional, thorough and exemplary.

In 1996 he established the All American Bowl which is an American Football All Star Game for several levels including: Division I, II and Division III, JUCO, Semi-Pro and High School football players. He has coordinated All Star games and events at the Super Bowl in Miami, the NFL experience in Atlanta and coordinated games in AT&T Stadium Dallas, Texas; Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, the US Bank Stadium (Metrodome) Minneapolis, Minnesota, Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida, UNI Dome in Cedar Falls Iowa; Daytona Beach, Florida; Thunder Bay, Canada; San Juan, Puerto Rico and the Aztec Bowl in Mexico City at Olympic Stadium, Chihuahua, Monterey, and Chiapas Mexico.

Sullivan founded the Mid America Football League in 1995 and in 2007 merged this league into the North American Football League. With Sullivan’s hard work the NAFL expanded to 140 teams with 7,000 participants by 2009. Sullivan founded the USA Bowl National Championship for Adult Amateur teams. He recognizes and ranks the nation’s Top 25 teams by analysis of 1,100 Semi Pro teams in the USA.

In 2003 Terry Sullivan was inducted in the American Football Association Hall of Fame. Two years later he was inducted in the Minor League Football News Hall of Fame and by 2010 into the American Football Hall of Fame Making him a member of three Halls of Fame. Sullivan was named National Football Events “Man of the Year” in 2012.  These prestigious honors are the culmination of Terry’s forty-five years in football.

Sullivan was instrumental in the resurgence of women's football in the United States. He Founded the Women’s Professional Football league in 1999 and the two original teams the Minnesota Vixens and the Lake Michigan Minx. From those teams women's football has grown to over 100 teams and 3,000 participants. Prior to the start of the WPFL in 1999 there were no organized women’s teams playing American football in the United States.

Sullivan is a former assistant football coach from Eden Prairie, Minnesota and was raised in Brooten MN. Where he rushed for 2,500 total yards in High School before playing college football at Willmar Community College and then at Moorhead State University. In 1974 he was listed in Who’s Who in Football. Sullivan is married to Patricia and has 3 children Brandon, Declan and Kiersten. Sullivan is also a Classic Car collector. Philanthropy: Minnesota Minute Men: Minnesota Mr. Hockey Awards Board Member.

It can be said that Terry Sullivan is “a man for all seasons” in his contributions and successes in so many aspects of promotion and development of all levels of football.

Chad Baldwin

Matt Farago

Declan Sullivan

Frank Haege


Sponsor Fees

All American Bowl Deposit $200 Click Here  This fee also locks in your roster spot

Aztec Bowl Total Fee:  $200 Click Here  This fee also locks in your roster spot

Balance of All American Bowl fee $299 Click Here

Full All American Bowl Sponsor fee $499 now Click Here

360 Sports Fee  $200 Click Here


Terry Sullivan

Chad Baldwin

Director of Scouting

Matt Farago

Event Director

Ray Hardy

Offesive Line Recruite


Terry Sullivan Director of Events

Coach Tony  Director of Scouting

Chad Baldwin Personel Director

Ray Hardy Coaching

Garnett Mims Combine Director





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