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Over 4,000 players have played in the AAB since 1996.

      The All American Bowl was founded in 1996 and the All American Eagles in 2012 to give athletes the opportunity to compete against the best at their level in an all star or team game setting at quality sports facilities.
     The All American Bowl and the All American Eagles gives athletes the potential to be scouted by colleges and professional football teams. We have several types of games for different levels of competition that include athletes from: College, JUCO, Adult Amateur, Men’s, Women’s, Minor (Pro) Leagues, Semi Pro, and High School.
      The first All American Bowl was played in Minnesota and has since been played at various cities across the country including Minneapolis (25th Year, US Bank Stadium), Dallas (AT&T Stadium, Charleston, Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas.
     The All American Eagles (players from All American Bowl Games) play games versus regional and international Amateur, Semi Pro and Minor (Pro) League teams. Games have been played in Minnesota, Florida, Georgia, Canada and Mexico. The All American Eagles have also played in five, Aztec Bowls in Mexico including Mexico City, Monterrey, Chihuahua as well as other games in Chiapas and Cancun.

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2021 Game


2019 All AMerican Bowl logo
all american bowl td Merlette

merloette td all american bowl

Stripes GO AHEAD TD Gavin Zimbelman Aurora College to Rodney Molette Wichita Force. 

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Award Winners

Stripes Go TD Zimbelman to Molette   Click Here 

Jim Marshal Award Winners: DL Morgan Cates Cumberland U and  DL Brandon Tamsett UW-Whitewater
Mick Tingelhoff Award Winner:  OL Jacob Husnik St.Paul Pioneers

Players of the Game:  QB Gavin Zimbelman Aurora U,  QB Ramone Atkins New Mexico Highland U, TE Colton Jewell Aurora U,  RB Hjavier Pitts Thomas More U, RB Isiah Sims Minneapolis Warriors, WR Rodney Molette Wichita Force, LB Tamar Wilkins-Heart, Olivet College, WR Delfonte Diamond McMurry University, LB Khalil Patterson Methodist University, K/P McLean Robertson Wingate University, Quinn Redmond Fargo Invaders, David Hurts Jr, Frank Molina California Luther, LS Dylan Curtis Shippensburg.

All will be up by 12/22 and ready to download. Happy Holidays! 

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Registration for the All American Bowl XXIII is now open.  Coaches can nominate their top players to compete in a pro workout as well as a national all star game.




Upcoming Events

The All American Bowl is back!

AAB XXI is back in Minnesota and is planned for the newly constructed US Bank Center, home of the Minnesota Vikings. Coaches nominiations are now being accepted. Please go here for more information.


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